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November 2015

Is there a Match to Spark this Tinder?

this is for those who howl at the moon.

I’m not a fan of dating websites. I prefer my relationships like I prefer my produce: organically grown. However, in this day and age of internet dating and so much conversation that takes place online and over text, I can understand how tempting it is to just throw your manifesto out there, like a boomerang, and see if it comes back with anything interesting.

I am one of those people who probably ought to come with a warning label. So when I found this, by inspirational coach Jeanette LeBlanc,  I nearly cried when I read it.

This is my warning label. This is about as close to the core truth of who I am as anything I have ever read. Makes me wish I’d written it. Also makes me wish I had more friends just like Jeanette LeBlanc, who obviously gets me… 😉

The following is from her website:

for those who howl at the moon

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8 Simple Ways To Pull Off The “Perfect” Thanksgiving



Ah, the gift of imperfection. It’s a holiday favorite. Rushing around trying to be all things to all people, when really all you want is to be ok with not being enough.

Here’s the holiday we all WISH we could have: Continue reading “8 Simple Ways To Pull Off The “Perfect” Thanksgiving”

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